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What Our External Academia Say About Us


Professor Zwahlen, Roger Arthur
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
UiTM Visiting Professor  (2014)
UiTM External Examiner (2011)
Faculty of Dentistry


Bachelor of Dental Surgery

I cannot stress strongly enough that the 4th (year) BDS students whom I saw in Universiti Teknologi MARA are the most impressive 4th (year) BDS students I have ever encountered – in terms of their intellectualism and thirst for knowledge.  I cannot tell whether this is due to the curriculum, the excellence of teaching, the examination structure, the educational environment, the students’ own educational background and/or some other factor(s).

However, I have emphasized to colleagues that this is the case and that we have to try to identify how we can instill a similar intellectual outlook in our own students.”

20 May 2011


Emeritus Professor Norman Fisher
University of Reading

UiTM External Examiner
Faculty of  Architecture, Planning & Surveying


M.S.c Sustainable Construction & Development

Plans for the course were well advanced and seemed to be well thought through and prepared. The course is both forward looking and radical in its approach and should take its place amongst the leading courses of its type within the appropriate subject group.  It is likely to have a wide appeal both nationally and possibly internationally.”

20 December 2012


Mr. Alan Springett
University of the Arts
London, England

UiTM External Examiner
Faculty of Art & Design


Bachelor (Hons.) in Art & Design (Printing Technology)

The students work that I saw was of the upmost highest standard.

I was particularly pleased to see the students links with industry.  Promoting industry organisations is an excellent way to do this.”

18 January 2012


Professor Min Chen
University of Oxford

UiTM Visiting Profesor


Faculty of  Computer and Mathematical Sciences

I was told that the University was the first in Malaysia to introduce computing as an educational programme.  I also learned that the Faculty covers  two major academic disciplines, namely Mathematics and Computer Science.  This is now rare in Malaysia, as well as in most developed countries around the world.  I was genuinely excited, not by the discovery of an old fashioned institute (or a dinosaur) but by the discovery of a potential powerhouse (or a sleeping giant) that is most suitable for tackling the big data problem.


The most important technologies for tackling the big data problem are data dan computational infrastructure such as data warehousing and cloud computing; mathematical methods such as probability and statistics; computing techniques such as data mining, machine learning, visualization, multimedia and internet-based communication, interaction and collaboration, and software engineering; and application-oriented techniques such as decision theory, operational research, social media analysis and bioinformatics.  Hardly any department around world would have all these multi-diciplinary capabilites. However, the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences in the UiTM has amassed most of these capabilites.  It is perhaps a unique setting in Malaysia and rare in the world.

The Faculty is thus a highly valuable asset of the UiTM in this era of data deluge.  It would be an unforgivable oversight for not investing in and capitalizing from such an asset.”

2 October 2013


Associate Professor Dr. Suzanne Young
La Trobe University
Melbourne Australia

UiTM External Examiner
Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies


Bachelor of Corporate Adminstration (Hons.)

The Bachelor of Corporate Adminstration (Hons.) program is well-structured, has a very dedicated staff resource, and is designed to provide students with a set of broad skills to allow them to both obtain general knowledge and be employable.  It offers students depth and breadth of knowledge and the range of courses offered is exemplary.  The students graduate very well-placed to find rewarding jobs in the corporate and government sector.


2 January 2013


Associate Professor Dr Nigel Grigg
Massey University
New Zealand

UiTM External Examiner
Faculty of Business Management


Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) Operations Management

“I was given reports to read, and found these to be of a high standard.  The English level was variable and the reports were well structured, presenting aims and objectives, methodology and findings in a logical sequence.  Research methods were appropriate and showed a good level of underpinning in research methods, no doubt acquired through course MGT648.  The use/integration of OM theory such as (in the examples I saw) service quality, supplier relationships and ergonomics was appropriate.  Diagrams were (mostly) well presented and clear.

The reports showed evidence of graduates who were well prepared by the program for positions in industry, of for going on to further PG study.

24 May 2013


Prof Dr Norazmi Mohd Nor
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Kubang Kerian
Kelantan, Malaysia

UiTM External Examiner
Faculty of Pharmacy


B.Sc. (Hons.) Pharmacy

I am particularly impressed with their enthusiasm in research and almost all of the faculty members spoke passionately and excitingly, about what they are doing with regard to research and development.

I am also impressed with the good command of English among the lecturers and this certainly bodes well for the future of the program and UiTM as a whole.

10 March 2013


Professor Bernadette K Drummond
University of Otago
New Zealand

UiTM External Examiner
Faculty of Dentistry


Bachelor of Dental Surgery


“I believe the examination process was a suitable process to determine the students learning achievements in the two disciplines.  I compliment the staff on their remedial teaching since the last examination and it is very good to see that all students passed this supplementary examination. Professor  Bernadette K Drummond I also wish to reiterate that the teaching in these two disciplines is excellent and the programme the staff are providing is at a high level when compared internationally.”


27 January 2014

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