Iodide Based Solid Electrolytes and Batteries

The risk of fires and safety issues with lithium-ion batteries such as in General Motor’s plug-in cars and the grounding of Boeing’s newest Dreamliner aircraft has set the stage for the need to develop new materials to power batteries which could also reduce the problem of corrosion, electrode and electrolyte containment and leakages. Therefore it is very likely that the next generation common battery will not be lithium-ion batteries.

iodideResearchers from the Faculty of Applied Sciences and The Institute of Sciences have invented the next-generation battery; Iodide based electrolytes and batteries. Iodide-based electrolyte can enhance the ionic mobility of magnesium, sodium and lithium cations in the solid state battery to its fullest extent enhancing its usefulness. Open circuit voltage (OCV) and discharge properties of the iodide-based electrolyte battery can support a wide variety of electronic devices and have the potential to be commercialised due to its low cost and high performance capabilities.

Patent rights have been granted to this product: 

Date Of Grant : 2 December 2011
Grant No: MY-144976-A
PI No. : PI20092918
Title: Solid electrolytes for electrochemical devices


 Gold medal awarded for “Poly amino acid as a conducting ion” at Brussels EUREKA Innova+Energy, Belgium, November 2007.
 Silver medal awarded for the invention, “Amino acid as a conducting polymer“ at 18th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX07).
 SILVER medal awarded for the invention, “Iodide based solid electrolytes and batteries” ITEX 13, 2013.

Contact Information:

Azizah Hanom Ahmad1 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Fauzi Mohd Som2 

1Faculty of Applied Sciences
UiTM Shah Alam

2RRIM-Consult Corporation
(A Corporation of the Malaysian Rubber Board)

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