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Faridah Bt Haji Hassan (Prof. Dr.)
Area of Expertise: Marketing And Strategic Management, Commercialization, Domestic And Global Halal Marketing, Branding: Marketing National Corridor, Tourism, Islamic Banking
Faculty of Business & Management
Tel: 03-55444479
Fauziah Bt Noordin (Prof. Dr.)
Area of Expertise: Human Resource
Faculty of Business & Management
Tel: 03-55444818
Fouad Hussain M.H Al-Bayaty (Prof. Dr.)
Area of Expertise: Periodontics
Faculty of Dentistry
Tel: 03-61266624
Faizah Abdul Majid (Prof. Dr.)
Area of Expertise: TESL, Adult Education, Higher Education
Faculty of Education
Tel: 03-32584910
Email: faiza404 @
Faizah binti Darus (Prof. Dr.)
Area of Expertise: Accounting
Faculty of Accountancy
Tel: 03-55444990