Primasiswa Complex

Primasiswa Complex was developed as a venue for students to meet and hold discussions. In the foyer of this complex, tables and chairs are provided for students to meet, discuss and review their studies. The complex is equipped with lockers for students especially the Non-Resident (NR) students to keep their personal belongings. In addition, this complex is also equipped with a Wi-fi facility.

Primasiswa Complex

At the Primasiswa Complex, there is a Non-Resident Management Unit that provides various facilities for students, especially the non-resident students. The complex is located behind the Cendekia Square and next to the residential colleges of Teratai, Mawar and Melati respectively. Indoor games like snooker are available on the top floor of this building. A lounge called the NR Lounge is also made available to the students. Apart from these facilities, students also have access to prayer rooms and bulletin boards that provide information.

Islamic Bank

There is a bank at the Primasiswa building which is popular among UiTM students and employees. This bank is called the Islamic Bank. It offers a wide range of banking facilities to the campus community as well as to members of the public.

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