Faculty of Dentistry


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DS 240 Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The BDS Programme uses combination of several education philosophies: Student-centered learning; Patient-centered learning; Problem-based learning; and Competency-based learning. These combinations of innovative concepts are formulated based on strong evidence of its effectiveness throughout the dental education. This is to ensure the curriculum is parallel to current needs and looking into future demands. The courses are taught and assessed with various styles and methods respectively. Teaching approaches adopted consist of didactic problem based learning, utilizing outcome based education with emphasis on student-centered and patient-centered learning. Vertical integrations of basic medical and dental subjects in Year 1 and 2 are applied in preclinical and clinical practice. Professional development directed to generic competencies encompasses cognitive, psychomotor and affective aspects are incorporated in all courses in the programme. Assessment is maintained as part of the learning process via several modes. Upon completion of this programme, graduate will be conferred ‘Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)’ which will be entitled to practice General Dentistry.

DS 750 Master of Dental Science

The Master of Dental Science (by research) programme is a research work leading to the submission of a thesis. Students are admitted throughout the year. Research topic proposed must be in consultation with principle supervisor prior to admission into the programme. The intake for this programme is twice a year (every July and December).

DS 931 Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics

The programme provides comprehensive knowledge and training in Orthodontics and DentofacialOrthopaedics based on prescribed professional code of conduct. The candidates will be exposed to different and latest Orthodontic treatment modalities including interdisciplinary management. The programme will be carried out in 4 years of intensive clinical and dissertation components. The research project commences in first year and will be submitted in the fourth year. The candidates are encouraged to present and publish the research findings in high impact journals. Teaching methodology consists of lectures, seminars, laboratory and clinical sessions. The programme assessment methods include evaluation of clinical performance, written examination and clinical viva as well as evaluation of dissertation upon submission. Clinical attachment is arranged in the Ministry of Health specialist clinics and also other premises which would include overseas clinics. Orthodontists registered with Ministry of Health will supervise these clinical sessions who helps the candidates to establish proficiency in clinical Orthodontics. Candidates who are doing clinical attachment overseas will be supervised by their respective clinicians appointed by the faculty. The candidates are expected to perform competent clinical skills with interdisciplinary approach and well equipped with scholarly academic knowledge in Orthodontics and DentofacialOrthopaedics.

DS 950 Doctor of Philosophy in Dentistry

The degree in Doctor of Philosophy programme is awarded based on a successful research work leading to the submission of a thesis. Faculty of Dentistry promotes exploration of new opportunities and knowledgethrough research. Facilities provided for staff and students will enhance their ability to think, create, and move forward. Students are enrolled throughout the year after proper consultation with the prospective supervisor and faculty. Research topic proposed must be discussed and agreed by prospective principle supervisor prior to admission into the programme. Candidates who successfully completed the programme will have opportunities to be part of the education-based or industrial-based sectors.