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Current News

  • Congratulations to Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif (KIK) UiTM Winners +

    Congratulations to all winners of Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif (KIK) UiTM for achieving the GOLD rating at TEAM EXCELLENCE Convention Read More
  • Sukarelawan Sehati Sejiwa +

    Bersempena dengan Sambutan Hari Kebangsaan 2015, daftarlah sebagai Sukarelawan ‪#‎sehatisejiwa‬! Sama - sama kita raikan dan curahkan bakti pada negara!‬ Daftarlah Read More
  • Majlis Perasmian Program Animasi @ Besut +

    Pada tarikh 4 April 2015 telah berlangsungnya Program Animasi@Besut di Dewan Majlis Daerah Besut, Terengganu. Pada Majlis Perasmian Program Animasi@Besut, Read More
  • Perakuan Status Swaakreditasi +

    UiTM telah dipelawa oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia untuk diberikan status swaakreditasi selaras dengan peruntukan yang terdapat di dalam Akta Agensi Read More
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Upcoming Events

  • Symposium of Clinical Education of Health Sciences 2015 +

    Date : 3 and 4 November 2015 Venue : Intekma Resort & Convention Centre, Shah Alam For more information, please visit Read More
  • ACAE 2015 +

    Asean Conference on Accounting Education (ACAE) 2015 Date : 30 October to 2 November 2015 Venue : Sunway University, Bandar Sunway, Selangor Read More
  • PECIPTA 2015 +

    The Ministry of Education will be organising the 14th International Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning Read More
  • Good Governance International Conference 2015 +

    Registration : 1 July to 15 August 2015 Conference : 10 to 12 September 2015 Venue : Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Sisli, Turkey Read More
  • ICSSBE 2015 +

    The 2nd International Conference on Statistics in Science, Business & Engineering (ICSSBE) 2015 Date : 2 and 3 September 2015 Venue Read More
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News Hub

  • March 2015 +

    List of news clippings for March 2015 Read More
  • February 2015 +

    List of news clippings for February 2015 Read More
  • January 2015 +

    List of news clippings for January 2015 Read More
  • December 2014 +

    List of news clippings for December 2014 Read More
  • November 2014 +

    List of news clippings for November 2014 Read More
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events academic intake

Sports Complex

The UiTM Sports Complex provides a wide range of sports facilities for students and staff of UiTM. In addition the sports complex is open to the public and private sectors such as business agencies, government departments and non-governmental organizations. The facilities are available at reasonable rental rates. UiTM Sports Complex includes a stadium, a swimming pool, sports hall, indoor and outdoor courts within the vicinity of the complex.

Sports Complex

Among the facilities that can be used by students and university staff is the stadium which is equipped with a 400-meter synthetic track and floodlights. In addition, the university sports complex also has 6 tennis courts, 2 sepak takraw courts, a basketball court, a synthetic handball court, a football field, a hockey field, and a multipurpose hall with 8 badminton courts. Other facilities available are an indoor swimming pool complex, a lawn bowl field, a rugby field, a weight training room, a badminton hall and an artificial climbing wall.