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Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management

Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management

Official Website : http://fhtm.uitm.edu.my/V1/

Diploma in Hotel Management (HM110)

Diploma in Hotel and Catering was introduced in 1967 at the Jalan Othman Campus, Petaling Jaya.  It was the first hotel program offered by an Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia and today it is regarded as the nation’s leader in its field.  In 1975, the diploma program was renamed Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management and later in 1988 the program once again was renamed Diploma in Hotel Management.

This programme is designed for those seeking solid foundation in the knowledge and skills required for entry-level positions in the hospitality industry. The curriculum includes courses that incorporate theoretical knowledge along with laboratory (hands-on training) and internship experiences.

In collaboration with industry players, the Faculty has developed a curriculum that aligns with the most recent needs of the industry. The curriculum also include an internship programme that allows students to get hands-on experience. The students are expected to complete a total of approximately four months training in the industry before they can graduate. The facilities available will ensure the students to meet the industry’s demand for well-rounded graduates with technical and interpersonal skills. This program is currently offered at UiTM Penang and Terengganu Campuses.

Diploma in Tourism Management (HM111)

The Diploma in Tourism Management programme was introduced in 1976. This three year programme exposes students to the world of tourism. Students are required to do a ten week practical attachment at agencies involved in the tourism industry.

In collaboration with industry players, the Faculty has developed a curriculum that aligns with the most recent needs of the industry. The programme concentrates on both theory and practical tourism knowledge such as customer service, tour planning and design, tour guiding skills, and air fares and ticketing. This program is currently offered at the UiTM Penang, Terengganu, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak Campuses.

Diploma in Food Service Management (HM112)

This programme was introduced in 1974. Its main objective is to train students to manage and operate foodservice institutions and other foodservice industries. Students are exposed to the latest information on foodservice and entrepreneurial knowledge in all aspects of foodservice management and administration.  

In collaboration with industry players, the Faculty has developed a curriculum that aligns with the most recent needs of the industry and equip students with the relevant knowledge and skills in the area of nutrition and health and foodservice systems and operations. This program is currently offered at the UiTM Penang and Terengganu Campuses.

Diploma in Culinary Arts (HM115)

This three year programme was formerly known as Diploma in Chef Training, which was introduced in 1975. This was to meet the demand for more skilled workers in the food production area and the faculty is proud to have produced graduates who have succeeded in getting important posts in the national and international hospitality arena.

It was introduced with the objective of generating skilled and educated chefs to cater to the high demand for professional chefs in the hotel industry. The culinary arts programme provides students the opportunity to develop their skills through hands-on practical application in kitchen labs. As part of the curriculum, students are required to spend a significant time in the industry.
In collaboration with industry players, the Faculty has developed a curriculum that aligns with the most recent needs of the industry and concentrates on theoretical and practical courses such as menu planning, fundamentals of eastern and western cookery and pastry and bakery. This program is currently offered at the UiTM Penang and Terengganu Campuses.

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Hotel Management (HM240)

This three-year program in the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management was introduced in 1993.  It was designed to provide students with comprehensive and up to date knowledge and hands-on experience at operational and management levels to meet the requirements of the growing hotel industry in Malaysia.  Since then, this program has developed an excellent reputation within the hotel industry in the country for the quality of the graduates.

The program concentrates on broad coverage of hospitality industry that includes food and beverage, front office, housekeeping, foodservice, event management, club management and hotel marketing.  To ensure that graduates from this program will get immediate employment in the hospitality industry, the curriculum was designed to offer a balance between knowledge and practical application. The hands-on training program will provide the students with valuable experience which will assist them in their career planning as well as full time job opportunities.

This program prepares the graduates with a wide array of professional careers in hotels and resorts, private clubs, restaurants, conference centres and catering businesses.  Through its strong curriculum design that involves participation from the industry and various stakeholders, the students will have the exciting career opportunity at management, supervisory and administrative positions in the hotel industry.  Students are capable in the major components of hospitality industry that covers customer management at key operational departments such as food and beverage, housekeeping and front office; sales and marketing, revenue management and human resources.

B. Sc. (Hons.) Hotel Management is currently offered at the UiTM Shah Alam, Penang and Terengganu Campuses.

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Tourism Management (HM241)

The Tourism Department was established in 1974. It was where the first tourism management program was ever introduced in Malaysia. The program started with Diploma in Tourism Administration and followed by Certificate in Travel Operation in 1985. As the leading tourism program in Malaysia, the department is served by qualified lecturers with PhDs and Masters in Tourism Management.

 Tourism has been and will continue to be Malaysia’s key economic activity. The programme offered concentrates on broad coverage of tourism industry that includes computerized fares and ticketing, event management, park and recreation, e-tourism and professional development. This programme prepares the graduates a wide array of professional careers in travel agencies, private clubs and resorts, conference centers and airline industries.

Apart from the program offered, the faculty is the first education institution in Malaysia that uses the Online Reservation System in learning class. This is in line with the need for a paradigm shift from traditional classroom learning to real-time hands-on practice. This Online Reservation System is the real live training account, accessible by students for training purposes. Student will get access and hands-on training on the real system and mastering the basic reservation and ticketing. Currently UiTM is the only Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia that has been given the access to use the online (real-time) facility. This means that actual booking of airline seats done in UiTM classroom is captured in airline host system and response generated by airline is real.

B. Sc. (Hons.) Tourism Management is currently offered at the UiTM Shah Alam, Melaka  and Sabah Campuses.

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Food Service Management (HM242)

Unprecedented growth in the foodservice economy has created demand for foodservice business leaders and managers. High-performing foodservice business leaders and managers stay involved in nearly every aspect of the business such as operations, revenue management, human resources, training, marketing, merchandising, customer service and more. The foodservice industry also demands graduates or individuals with people skills and the know-how to increase customer satisfaction and retain and motivate employees.

Thus, this program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skill and ability to take up challenges in managing the diverse foodservice management activities. Graduates from this programme  also need to understand issues such as maximizing profitability, forecasting the market and  protecting assets. Assuring food quality and understanding nutrition and food science are also crucial and emphasized in this program.

B. Sc. (Hons.) Foodservice Management is currently offered at the UiTM Shah Alam, Penang and Terengganu Campuses.

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Culinary Arts Management (HM245)

The Department of Culinary Arts and Gastronomy has moved in line with the faculty’s growth and service offerings. With the accumulation of 30 years of academic culinary journey, in 2006 the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management took a big leap to be the first to offer the B.Sc (Hons) in Culinary Arts Management, aimed at filling the gap in the supervisory level of the hospitality industry and the needs of the Food Research and Development organizations in producing R&D Chefs. The B.Sc (Hons) Culinary Arts Management is a three year program that is run at the UiTM Shah Alam, Penang and Terengganu Campuses.

This programme is designed to fulfill the demand for more skilled workers in the food production area.The programme concentrates on menu design and development, basic and advanced cooking skills and products. Students are also taught to innovate culinary products. On the other hand,  issues in culinary related areas such as  sanitation and food safety practices, as well as the operation and the usage of kitchen equipments in accordance to industrial standards, culinary and gastronomic trends are also emphasized.

Masters by Coursework

In line with UiTM’s aspiration to be on the world map in all its endeavours and forges ahead in a direction that is in tandem with the latest curricular in the world, the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism pioneered in offering the Masters and PhD programmes to necessitate the industry needs for higher management level and the academic profession at large.

The Masters by coursework is a program designed to train individual or industry professionals seeking to advance their careers.  This program prepares students for middle and upper level management positions in the broad realms of hotels, resorts, restaurants, food service, tourism and gastronomy related fields. Students are expected to augment managerial competencies, analytical, organizational skills and the ability to anticipate, decide and solve matters in situations related in his or her professional fields. The length of study is one and a half years for the full-time and two and a half years for the part-time studies. Successful completion of the approved courses leads to the award of a Masters in Hospitality Management, Masters in Tourism Management, Masters in Foodservice Management or Masters in Gastronomy.

Doctor of Philosophy and  Master by Research

The Doctor of Philosophy  and M.Sc (Master by research) is a path for the individual to work with ideas, new concepts, developing skills of investigation, debating, arguing issues and approaches in a broader framework of knowledge in hospitality, tourism, foodservice and gastronomy. Research done at this stage provides evidence of a contribution to knowledge and fosters the development of independent research skills. In addition, research through thesis will enhance individual candidate’s ability to express thoughts clearly both verbally and in written form. With the length of study from one and a half year to two years for Masters and three to five years for PhD, candidates will be capable of demonstrating a capacity for critical thinking in the realms of his or her professional fields.


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